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Excellent trainer and person! Not only is she expert in her field, she understands the needs of and listens to clients. She has worked with various members of my family: (1) my late husband when he needed pre- and post-dementia exercise to stay mobile, (2) a son-on-law who was visiting from Sweden and (3) me. I've worked with Pata for MANY years - first at local Sport&Health Club. She has been/is perfect for each of us. The draw is not only her knowledge but her positive, upbeat and caring personality. She makes exercise fun - you want to to keep on exercising, doing something that's actually good for you!

Pata has been our personal trainer for almost two years. We've been training via Zoom since March 2020.  Pata is a fantastic trainer. She challenges you to do more but realizes that reaching your goals takes time. She identifies when an exercise is too much for either of us, and suggests alternatives or modifications to the exercise. It's a perfect balance.  If you're looking for a personable trainer who will challenge you without exhausting you with boring workouts, then Pata is right for you! We very highly recommend her!

Mark & Pam

Kathie Panfil

I am grateful to be in Pata's remote class for seniors. She makes it fun, motivates us and we each know we've had a good workout when it ends. It will be great to be back in the pool when for her class postpandemic, but meanwhile, thanks, Pata!

Pata has the ability to lead our exercise class with humor and playfulness that makes its seem like we are not exercising! What a treat she is and a rare gem as the leader of our seniors' exercise class.

Marge Corletti

S. H. Cooper

Pata is THE best trainer EVER! She has the perfect blend of compassion and expertise. She knows how to motivate you and does it with a smile!

Donna Parry

Fitness Group


I just completed my consultation and she’s working up my fitness plan. I’m excited because so far it has been a wonderful experience. She is an excellent source of information and very professional.

We're so lucky to have had Pata help us stay fit during the pandemic. She had been coaching us in water aerobics, but switched to a Zoom class when the pool closed, as Covid unfolded. She's knowledgeable and engaging in water and on land. I am always up for this class, because it's an enjoyable way to stay fit. She keeps us flexible and works on strength, balance, and range-of-motion. She has increased the intensity of the workouts during the year+ we've been doing this as we have increased our abilities. Thank goodness we have Pata!!

Elly Uehling

Pata first worked with us with water exercises but when the pool closed she switched to Zoom. She has made exercising fun and has gradually increased the difficulty of our class workout. She works on strength, flexibility and balance in creative and a variety of ways to make it interesting.

Claudia Scott